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Seint Dunston com hom aȝeyn · feire was vndurfonge ·
And hedde his Abbeye al in pees · from whom he hedde beo longe ·
Wiþ þe kyng he was swiþe wel · and was al his Counseyler ·
Muche me spac of his godnesse · wel wyde fer and neer ·
Hit bifel þat þe Bisschop · of wircestre was ded ·
Þe kyng and þe Erchebisschop eoden · and þerof nomen heore Red ·
And þe holy mon seint Dunston · Bisschop heo maden þere
To maken him herre in Godus lawe · þeih hit aȝein his wille were ·
So me askede at þe Erchebisschop · of Caunturburi · sire Ode ·
Wherfore heo him Bisschop made · and whi his graces weore so gode
For he schal quaþ þis goode mon · after me her beo ·
Erche Bisschop of Caunturburi · and þat me schal isee ·
What wostou · seide þis oþur þo · þou spekest foliliche iwis
Þou nost no more þen þi foot · ac vppe God hit is ·
Mi leue Frendes quaþ þis goode mon · ȝe ne þorre me blame nouht ·
For wel ichot þat my lord crist · in my mouþ haþ hit brouht ·
Bisschop of Londone he was seþþe · seint Dunsto also ·
Of Londone · and of Wircetre · and heold hem boþe two ·
Hit bi fel þat þe Erchebisschop · of Caunturburi was ded ·
Þe Pope · and þe kyng Edward · þerof nomen heore Red ·
And maden þe gode mon seint Dunston · þat he was Bisschop þere ·
Þe goode men þat him loueden · wel glade þerof weore ·
And þe rihtes of holy chirche · he heold vp faste inouh ·
Þe Cristendom of Engelonde · to good stat he drouh ·
HE ordeinde þorwh al Engelonde · þat vche Persun scholde cheose ·
To witen him chast from Lecherie · oþur his Churche leose ·
Seint Adelwold was þulke tyme · Bisschop of winchestre ·
And Oswold þe holy Mon · Bisschop of wircestre ·
Þeose twey Bisschopes · wiþ seint Dunston · weoren alle at one Rede ·
And sire Edward þe goode kyng · to don þis goode dede ·
Þis Bisschops wenden abouten · þorw out al Engelonde ·
And luþere persuns casten out · hem ne mihten non astonde ·
Heore Chirches · and heore oþur good · clanliche heo hem bi nome ·
And bi setten hit in goode Men · þorwh þe popes graunt of Rome ·
Eihte and fourti Abbeys · of Monkes and of Nonne ·
Of þe tresour heo arereden in Engelond · þat of þe persons were iwonne ·
For so hit was · bet bi set · þen hit were er on schrewe ·
For whonne gode Maystres beoþ · sum goodnesse heo wolleþ schewe ·
Gode weoren þe þreo Bisschopes · þat þulke tyme weren þo ·
Þe betere hit is in Engelonde · for hem euer mo ·
Vr lord ȝaf seint Dunston · on eorþe so feir grace ·
Þat on a tyme · as he was · in a priue place ·
His Fader and his Modur ek · in þe Ioye of heuene an heih ·
Aftur þat heo weoren dede · wel aperteliche he hem seih ·
Gret loue vr lord him kudde · whon he him schewede þere ·
So muche of his priuyte · þe while he alyue were ·
As he lay a noþur time · in his reste a niht ·
He sayh þe Ioye of heuene · and þe place þer inne wel briht ·
Aungels he herde syngen also · a Murie song þer Inne ·
Þat me syngeþ in holy Chirche · whon me þe Masse bi ginne ·
Kyri leyson · christeleyson · was þat Murie song ·
Þe holi Mon þat þis i herde · hit ne þhouhte him no þing long ·
Wel ouhte he to heuene come · at his ende day ·
Þat while he was alyue · so muche of heuene he say ·
Harpe he louede swiþe wel · for of harpe he couþe i nouh ·
Aday he sat in his solas · and a lay þer on he drouh ·
Þe harpe he heng vp bi þe wouh · þo hit was tyme to ete ·
Þo hit was redi þerto ibrouht · he sat doun to his mete ·
Of heuene he gon þenche sone · of ioye þat was þere ·
Of þe Ioyful blisse þat þer was · among halewen þat þer were ·
His harpe þat heng so bi þe wouh · of whom he luyte Rouhte ·
Bi gon to kuiþe his holy þouht · ded treo þeiȝ hit were ·
As vr lordus wille was · hire herden alle þat weoren þere ·
Al bi hire self · heo gon harpen · a Murie Antempne iwis ·
Þat me singeþ ȝut in holy churche · þat on Englisch is þis ·
Holy soulen glade beoþ · þat in heuene beoþ ido ·
And suweden vr lordes wey · and for him schedden also ·
Heore blod · for his swete loue · þerfore heo schulen wone ·
And knyhtes beo wiþ outen ende · wiþ crist Godus sone ·
Þis Antempne þat murie is · as þis folk iherden alle ·
Þe harpe song al bi hire self · as heo heng bi þe walle ·
Feir grace vr lord him schewede þer · whon þat dede treo ·
So scholde singen of þulke Ioye · þat he scholde Inne beo ·
Þis holy mon hedde ilyued · on eorþe mony aday ·
And his ende day was neih icome · as he him self sayȝ ·
An holi þoresday he wex sek · as hit fel in þe ȝere ·
He let clepe of his frendes · þat specials to hym were ·
His Men þat him serueden ek · he lette hem clepe also ·
And for ȝaf hem · heore trespas · þat heo him hedden misdo ·

And asoylede hem of heore sunnes · as he in Godus bendes lay ·
And so he lay in þulke tyme · and eke þene Friday ·
He lette clepe þe Saturday · þe Freres bi foren him alle ·
And bad hem alle haue god day · and seide what him scholde bi falle ·
He let him don al his Rihtes · and vr lordus flesch he nom ·
And wende out of þis world · and to heuene wel sone com ·
Now swete lord seint Dunston · þat vre Erchebisschop were ·
Bring vs to þe Ioye of heuene · as Angles þi soule bere · A · M · E · N ·

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