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[Handwritten on yellow lined paper]

One of the finest tributes [strikethrough: to] that can be paid [strikethrough: to] any
artist during his lifetime. [strikethrough: comes when he is] would be to bestown upon him
[strikethrough: complemented] the complimentary title of National
[strikethrough: confident that] for the [strikethrough: being] heritable sensitive
Treasure. Unfortunately, those of his who live
[strikethrough: he shows to the culture] in the Western world
will miss this title as we have not yet
treasured and and its cultural products over
other forms of social and material progress.
In Cosmic Scroll, painted in 1981, the artist tics
the character and format of ^ ancient scroll painting
to contemporary ways of expression. A large cosmic
body which is often circular in form dominates
the upper portion of the painting. Skunder feels
and fills space by breaking up large masses.

If such a title were in order in these
United States or in Ethiopia, Skunder (Skunder
Alexander Boghossian) would be one of
my nominees. He is an artist whose
keen sensibilities in art ^ and culture dictate that
he [strikethrough: always] incorporates [strikethrough: an] some aspect of his
rich cultural heritage in all of the images
he makes.

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