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January 1898
packeded his Shakespeare, and and showed us
the pretty illustrations. My first night in
Cissy's new home was very sweet.

[left margin: Fri 14th cloudy]
Sent Hallie over for me. Father started to
town about 11. I had a very disagreeable
walk home in the mud. got ready and
Aunt Eliza and I drove over to Spring Land in
the day. a very nice visit. The road was
dreadful. Uncle Jim called also Susie
Barnsley. Charlie went for the mail. Star
told of Mr. Seaton Perry's suicide from mechancholia.

[left margin: Sat 15th Raining]
A busy morning.sweeping, cleaning, dust-
ing.vI took down the hemlock that was put
up for the wedding and what a litter! Aunt
Eliza had a bad headache all day. Burn-
ed the chimneys. Father returned from town
about 5.30. Stayed most of the time at Cottage
Market-went to Barrys.

[left margin: Sun 16th Cloudy & windy]
Father and mother went to meeting - Friends
Martha Townshend and Alice Robinson there.
Called at Mt. Olney and found Uncle J. much
better. Aunt Eliza and I read and looked
for Sister and Dr. Grun, but they telephoned
at dinner time they could not come. In the af
ternoon Cousin Charlie + Donald Kirk called +
took Aunt Eliza back with them for a visit.

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