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January 1898
Thursday 20 Cloudy and rained. cleared in the eve

Churned. Mother and I [sewed?] the en-
tries in here are becoming monotonous -
wonder what will be the next excitement to
record? After dinner Mr. Dill came for
me to telephone to Dr. Brooke, one of his child-
ren was sick - hard to find him. Cousin
Annie Kirke's son Rudolf born in Washn.
Capt. Griffith brought the mail. Sister and
I conversed over the phone "B. big conversation!"
Then picked over potatoes to go to town.

Friday 21st Warm & spring like

Ed went early to town. Unsettled morning.
Agnes and I made ginger cakes, imme-
diately after breakfast, for Mother to take.
She and Father, after lunch "backing and
filling" started about 11. expecting to pay
some visits over on the river, but only went
to "The House", and Brooke Grove, returning
about 5. I spent a quiet day and ate a
lonesome little dinner all alone - no one came
and the only excitement was among the an-
imals. the black horse cut up [?] in
the truck patch -- Minni and the gray cat
fought to the death and then walked in the
house, and slept side by side the rest of the
afternoon, and poor Felix had one of his queer,
pitiful, alarming fits - I thought he was chok-
ing to death, but he very soon recovered. Robert
here clearing up the house.

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