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Janurary 1898
[left margin: Mon.] A snowy day. snow 3 inches deep. [right margin:Ed.]
[left margin: 31st.] went to gaithersburg for cral. We [right margin: content-]
[left margin: Snowed.]ed our selves in door! Brother C. d[right margin: eep in]
"[Quo?] Vadis," which is the rage. he [right margin: reads]
and reads, day and night, "its an [right margin:ill]
wind that blows n body good". The [right margin: [vomit?]]
keeps him in doors, and I have com [right margin: pany at]
the same time!

[left margin: Charles] Mother and I served, Harry, Cousin [right margin: Fannie]
[left margin: Town.] and Maude called - after Eliza beth H[right margin:all, who]
invited us there to tea, but we had [right margin: another]
engagement. Mr. W. H. J. Lewie, an [right margin: old friend]
of Father's, whom I have heard of. all [right margin: my life]
came to dinner - I was interested in hearing him
talk of the old Alexandria school da[right margin:ys!]
Cousin Fannie called a few minutes [right margin: in the]
afternoon. After Miss Florence Hunter, [right margin: and]
Miss Ruth Brown. In the evening [right margin: Cousin]
Sam, Mother and I went to the Ro___ [right margin: Memorial]
Hall (Fire men's) to hear Dr. Price on [right margin: Psychology.]
lecture very good, but the experiments [right margin: rather a]
failure except the mind-reading w[right margin:hich was]
very wonderful. Home late. Young [right margin:have Jim]
Ma_rn called a minute.

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