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February 1898.

call - very pleasant, met Miss Lucy Haines.
Clara Houff called while we were out.
Cousin D. left us at Cousin Fannie's, where
we took tea and spent the evening - such
a pleasant, jolly time. Maude played and
sang, and she and Harry undertook to
teach me Euchre but were illy reward-
ed, I fear. Harry came home with us.

Wedn. 2nd Cloudy, very cold.

Brother C. and I feel quite proud of our
work in keeping the cold out but it keeps
us both busy. I am glad Sister Annie is
out of it for once. Charlie Farquhar's
sale of cows today. Brother C. went, and
said it turned out very well. Churned a-
bout 30 lbs of butter. Agnes has been so
good and satisfactory that it needs record-
ing. she is more thoughtful than I have of-
ten seen. Felix follows me every where. and
he and Minkie miss the absent ones.
the "B.C.", too . ? Rags poorly.

Charles Town.

Nice letter from Cissy and Aunt Eliza. Miss
Ruth called also Mrs. Jim Mason, who is a
case. After dinner I walked down to Rhoderick's
for a "Sun," and then a long walk out beyond
Mason's - the air is cold and invigorating.
Two little girls called to see Coz. D. She & Mother
went out to pay some calls, in their absence
Cousin Fannie and Maude, Mrs. Cook &
Harry called, also Miss Mary Shearer ear-

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