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danger of soldiers / Margaret / home made Abolitions

but that was the last of it. I think they will come and do me
harm & I have went & told the Col so & he told me if they done
so to kill them and he would stand between me and danger.
(Margaret has not yet returned) Went Sunday 12th
There was a greate many people in Town It had been under-
stood that Arnal, Frierson & Gilmore would speak to day but
they did not. Hughes is trying to excuse himself for having
favored the abolitions of the North but he wont be able to do
so he is guilty all over. Jno Beard, John Mayes, Burnion
Frierson, Gilmore Arnell & others, all guilty Will Hughes

1865 Feby Sun 19
Self & William / Soldiers & greate trouble / distress / Betsy Paton / Cake

A clear & frosty morning quite calm looks like being fair
weather. I did not rest well after yesterday's excitement &
William is unwell bad cold and complains of his back a good deal.
No one with us, we have it all our own way as much as we can
but it is a bad chance. We have had greate trouble again through
the last week with the soldiers around us. If there was any
place that we could go to to get clear of our greate troubles &
misfortunes I would agree to go any where to live in any
kind of government that would stop our troubles & the impo-
sitions that are every day heaped upon us. O for a Change
Some way I feel like agreeing to any thing to stop the War.
Betsy Payton came & eat dinner & went on to Wm Dew Jur. She
tells of considerable distress & trouble in Masouri. William
baked a pound cake. So Wm. says, but I have not got to see it yet

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