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Martin Nance came in the evening Stayed all night, left
next morning

Mon 20
Green $4 / fixing up the fence / Maryann / Thomas L. bond & security to Maryann / provost Denison
This is a pretty Spring like morning A frost & the ground
a little frose
Green came in this morning bringing $9.00 give it to me
but I give him back $5.00 leaving $4.00 that I kept. The boys
are putting up the turnip patch fence this morning I went
to Town Maryann brought up the 2 Confed Officers & they were
payroled giving James Webster & David McFalls security. Mary
give a check on W. J. Porter to Thomas L. Porter for $3,000
o buy goods in Cincinnati. James Webster & myself was Thomass
security on his bond. The provost Denison has left & [gap] in
his place

Tues 21
This morning is cloudy Wind from the S. looking like to
rain I went to Town Some excitement about the Election upon
"ratification" or "rejection" of the amendment of the Constitution
that is to be held tomorrow, 22d Feby John A. Campbell is here
to hold the Election says they will not ask any one to take
the oath but will permit all to vote without it. Brooks is making
himself verry busy with Campbell

1865 Feby Wed 22
The Wind high all night from the east Commenced raining slowly
this morning about day light quite a gloomy morning, as the
the heavens were in morning and trouble. This day the Election

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