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quite unwell all day & all night. Thomas L. came at night

Wed 25 The morning is cloudy high Wind all night & rained some.
Thos. L. Thomas L. came last night & stayed all night
Blacks Good Behaviour } The Blacks behaved better last night than I expected being Christmas eve No shooting hollowing or behaving disorderly
Christmas I was a little uneasy for several days for fear of some out brake but around me they done verry well I have not heard from any where else yet. Saml Mayes gives the little girls a party Martha Jane & her little girls & her self was there, it was given to them.
Self } My health is some better today I have the piles, verry costive & much pained.
Ths. L. Porter } Thomas L. came last night in a Biroush braught up the little children to Saml Mayes, he went home today
Negroes A rupture took place in Town between the Negroes & police
Verry considerable excitement Some of the Kluck-Lucks came it quieted it There is greate excitement expecting a fuss

1867 Decr Th 26
The morning is clear calm & warm It rained, heavy wind, thunder & lightning last night. It has been quite warm for 48 hours.
General Matters } I hear but verry little news No papers William leaves of a morning & comes home at near dark & has no news.
Self I sat all day trying to finish making out my Government claims I have let it alone so long that it is harder to do.
Oxen Our old Oxen that I had sold to Arnell & Paul came & Jumped into my field & I have got Colquit Const to Levy on him to

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