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To help Dr Wiseman thrash wheat and have 3 hands
in the Turnip patch 2 halling off wood rails & the leaves
are so wet we can't burn them so we hall them
out on the field one hand is plowing up the
patch it takes a great deal of work to clear off
a turnip patch when we cant burn it for the wet

the 9th Aug

Sent two hands to help Dr Wiseman thrash
wheat until 9 oclock. Plowed our turnip patch
with 3 plows Henry & Henderson Fosters
went to the circus show at Hunts ville the shows
are a nuissance to the country they pass through
I sold Johnson a sow & 7 small pigs for
$4.00 clearn & warm to day

the 10 Aug

Commenced mowing in the cassel meadow
to finish that we left uncut we mowed
with 3 hands To day we plowed with two
farm plows in the meadow below shope we
turned over about an acre and a half and
harrowed it
patch of new ground on the hill that we have
been so long clearing of we plowed it
twice & Henry Foster sowed the seed & Brushed it
there is something over an acre in that patch

the 11 August

Finished mowing the cassel meadow
& halled in the hay we had 9 loads of
hay on the meadow harrowed the
meadow we planted yesterday and sowed
turnip & grass seed on it plowed with
two plows in cherry orchard turning oats
stubble for wehat verry warm to day
but we have plenty of ice to cool our
drinking water & plenty of good ripe
peaches apples grapes & tomatos
to luxuriate upon and all in good
health no sickness in the neighborhood


To help Dr Wiseman thrash wheat and have 3 hands
in the Turnip patch 2