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Disasterous scenes to great or little worth,
with presidential death as judgement sent
The dictatorial parties to bring down
Heaven vouch safes her most indignant frown
By lopping off the aristocratic choice
Had by a few & not the peoples voice
That chief's laid low, & now his vice must wield
The scepter o'er the wide extended field

March 5th 1882
I once more take my pen in hand to record
another one of my father's old menuscripts entitled
Any other time will do as well.
Nature never says this. She jogs on without delay
and does her work in season.- Call on such a man
to settle his accounts, "O, I can't attend to it
now,'" says the man, "It will do as well any other
time." Call again O I am busy -- "it will do as
well tomorrow, any other time." Call a third time
& a fourth; but he is never ready. The account
stands unsettled --it increases from year to year;
at length, death, that strong tyrant trip up his
heels, & lays him flat on his back --his administrator
has work enough on his hands for a man that will
settle his accounts at any other time; will generally

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