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Reflecting from a pious mind
Prudence and peace will pleasure give
Each moment growing, while we live
Revered by all is honest truth,
But more esteemed in blooming youth.
Religion pure with all these joined
Each in thoir turn rejoice the mind
Virtues like these can well bestow
A guard to shield from every foe
Reserved thro' life such guards in sight,
Death and his terrors cant affright
T. B.
Spartan C. So. Carolina
Here by a rill beneath the hill
Near to a poor pint prove
My mind employs her silent Joys
In Fancy's airy rove
Would I were at home in quietude
Within my humble dome
Enjoying cares & wholesome food
I here no more would roam
Those who are fond of Legislation
May serve their friends for me
But from this place I bee salvation
And from the business free.
Dec* lst 1803. T. B.
The above supposed to have been composed & written Thomas
Brevard while he was a member of the Legiclature at Raleigh
N. C.

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