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Comp: can supply it at the rates which they charge
for passage, but I believe they have everything duty
free which accounts at any rate for the liberal
supply of wine. When I went on deck again I
found that we had cleared the Needles & were
gradually losing sight of the white cliffs of
England. Farewell to old England then when
will I again behold your lovely shores. I remained
on deck till 8 oclock every one here are strangers
to me. there are 6 or 8 officers of the 34th the
regiment that was in the Castle before I left
on board. their faces are familiar as I used
to see them often marching to the park. At 8 oclock
there was tea. About 9 I turned into my berth
I have got a very good berth the Cabin is
occupied by three of us. Capt. Tedlie of
the 50th Royal rifles Capt Hallowes of the
Irish Fusiliers & myself. It is a very nice
little Cabin well fitted up. We have a
Servant or steward to wait on us appointed
by the ship, the others also engaged him
to wait at dinner & I did so likewise

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