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between 7 & 8 oclock & he & I have
a discussion or chat on some subject
or another Now & then I get on
deck & enjoy a bucket or two
of saltwater over me the. General
gets on deck about 7 in the Mg.
Lt. Robinson used to get on deck
to have a bucket of saltwater until
he was knocked down by fever.
Lt. Dadson being weak & delicate
does nothing until he gets his
breakfast. After Breakfast
I smoke a cheroot & then go down
to visit my patients. this occupies
2 hours. I then have tiffin & tody
I have begun to post up my
medicine Journal which I wrote
at from 1/2 past 12 till 3. Our
dinner party usually consists of
the same number unless some
one is sick or has had a
disinclination for dinner. The

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