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natives about erar all busy drinking
tody. the Sandoway party returned
on ponies Dibbs went back to
the ship in the jolly I had my
poney waiting on the other side
of the Creek & returned on that.
locked Dibbs in the Q Galley at
night for sport in a great rage [underscored]
came out with lots of abuse laughter
at it threatened irons &ce.

Sunday Jany. 16th. 1859

Up between 5 & 7 this morning
Very foggu could not see five
yds. ahead. went on shore for a
ride rode over to the creek. back
to the ship about 8. remained on
bd. all day. Dibbs went up to Sandoway
after dinner & dined with the Capt.
[written above:]Henricks sent sent down for my poney as
the Capt. & he are going into the
Country tomorrow. to be brough down
again tomorrow.

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