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off Ceylon at Sea 6°27 N

Wednesday April 6th. 1859

Up at 5.30. quite calm has
been a very close & warm night
slept on the bench in the cuddy
Payne on the floor & Peterson on
the other bench. Mrs. p & Mrs. W on
the floor in the after Cabin.
had a Couple buckets salt
water a [?] & a cup of coffee
without milk. Saw a large shark
between 6 & 7 under the port
Quarter. Could not get a hook
to try to catch him. a light breeze
came up about 8 ocl fair.
12 ocl. light wind Cont. very
warm weather. reading Pickwick
abroad. slept after tiffin long chat
with Payne in the evg.

Thursday April 7th. 1859.

Up at 1/2 past 5 bath Coffee read
Pickwick abroad Mg. not so
hot as yesterday slept very cool

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