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on bd. "Ivanhoe" Lat 5.56

all night on the bench. very
light breeze moving along one or
two knots Peterson commenced to
prick off a Chart of the route to
England appears as if we were
to make a very long passage I
hope under 5 months at any rate.
hot day fine light breeze sprung
up in the Evg. 4½ Knots. How
When Where in the evg.

Friday April 8th. 1859.

up at 4 this mg. woke by noise
on deck occasioned by a squall
[overwritten:up] turned in again up before 6
bath tea read Pickwick
abroad Close hot muggy
day nervous after smoking
a Cheroot Peterson turned in
feeling feverish

Saturday April 9th. 1859

Up at 5.30. a bath & coffee
finished Pickwick Abd.

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