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p. 249

"Ivanhoe" at Sea

the "Tortoise". said goodbye & on bd. about
3ocl) picking up the Anchor we
got under weigh again about
4ocl & about 9 in the evg. only
a small peak of Ascention was
visible in the moonli[gh]t.

Friday June 10th. 1859.

This mg. up at day light we
have two large turtle some Cape
Sheep & two Ascention goats. We
have been going along with a
nice light breeze since yesterday

Saturday June 11th. 1859.

About this mg. at six took & worked
an observation 5.6.S with others
intended trying it every day.
rapidly approaching the line
with light winds Therm 82° .

Sunday June 12th. 1859

Beautiful day with a fine breeze
rapidly nearing the line took Another

p. 249