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Phinias Hudson called for Hannah in the evening but I
would not let her go. She slept with me.
I forgot to state that in the morning Mr Gonsalves brought
Mary from the Hudson's where she has been since Sunday
to our house. She staid a short time and then accompanied
her father to the city. I wrote a note to Mrs Gonsalves.
Father left us to-day for Boston. He will return this week.
Wednesday .. April 14th Very pleasant. Rose early and after
finishing my own toilet, assisted Hannah to dress.
Soon after breakfast she complained of not being well
and went home. Mother was not well and of course
I had a great deal to do all day, and Sarah found
sufficient to occupy her in taking care Morty, who,
notwithstanding his sweet appearance, is that plaque of
every one else but his family [Dr?] a spoiled child.
Near noon Kate Hudson run over to bid us good bye
The family intend to leave to-morrow morning early.
Kate was very urgent in her request that Carrie and I
should visit her this summer. and indeed they have
all had much to say about it ever since the plan
of their removal was decided upon. I shall accept
their invitation with pleasure sometime. How pleasant
it will be [Dr?] I am so fond of the country.
Carrie too will enjoy it, and it will do her good.
Perhaps we both might include society there in
our anticipations That will certainly be a very important
item but not to flatter them too highly I will say no more.
Mary Emma came over in the afternoon to take up her
abode with us till the first of May. Sarah and I spent
the evening with her in her room while she unpacked and
arranged her things.

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