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Friday.. Pleasant. Mary Emma looking about for something to
do came to the conclusion that the pastors wanted attending
to and going briskly to work she soon, as Morty said,
"made the pastors shine." Harriet came home in the
morning and returned again in the afternoon.
She left Carrie better, but still unable to be left entirely
Her visit, short as it was, was a real comfort to me
who deeply feels the need of a sister's constant love and
society. What shall I do when they are gone?
as I tell Mother, I am afraid Ishall have to leave too.
Mrs Joseph Hudson sent us all an invitation to take
tea with her which we declined.
In the afternoon Sarah and I promenaded fourth [Dr?]
where we met a number of acquaintances, also stopped
at a jeweller's and a confectioner's and returned in time
for tea. Samuel, Sarah and Mr Wilde spent the evening
here. Mrs Hudson and Phineas also called to bid us
farewell. They have been detained all the week by the
unpleasant weather but hope to get away to-morrow
Saturday. Pleasant. The Hudson's left early in the morning.
Sarah said their house looked so strange and deserted
now that they were gone, and I thought so too when I
came to think of it. There will be no fun in looking
over that way now. After a very busy day, Sarah and I took
a walk out with Natty; rather late in the afternoon.
Met Mary Reeve and Ellen Dickinson. Natty made himself very
troublesome before we reached home.
Father returned from Boston in the morning
Sarah spent the early part of the afternoon in watching the
the graceful figure of G. B. H. as he stood on his piazza ordering
the men who werecarrying away the furniture and occasionally lending

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