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Saturday April 24th Mary had a very bad cold.
In the afternoon I called on Mary Willet. Did not find
her at home and called on Mary Reeve. Staid about
an hour and went into Grand st. of an errand.
Evening in reading.
Sunday.. Pleasant. At home in the morning. Felt unusually
serious and thought a great deal of my Sophy.
Attended S. School and church in the afternoon but
was not well enough to enjoy either.
Mary Emma was confined at home with a heavy cold
Albert attended our church all day and assisted in the choir

Monday Rainy. Mary Emma was better. We spent the afternoon
together sewing and chatting.

Tuesday. Very pleasant. Harriet came home early in the morning
and we were glad to see her. Her bright presence
seemed to make a great difference in the household
Mary Emma was overjoyed to have someone nearer her own
age to talk to, and I followed her round improving
every chance I could get to inform her of all the
perplexities and annoyances I have had since she left us
and found her ready sympathy quite a comfort.
Oh a sister is every thing!__ and indeed who else can
be so worthy of all confidence, so disinterested and affectionate

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