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And then to complete my happiness just before sundown
Mr Murphy came in after that of course, for the fact
that he has not once called when she was not at home
is proof enough that he don't care much for anyone else
in these quarters, notwithstanding which he kissed & hugged
his "little pet," as he calls me, lite I was wellnigh
smothered. I went to the door when he rang and so
received the first embraces. Hattie did'nt care, and
why should she? __ her share came next: and besides
she saw him in Brooklyn this morning, and last
night, and in fact every day during her stay there, and
frequently more than once a day I should judge from
what the loving couple had to say to each other.
They are an affectionate pair, indeed and it would be well
for some married folks to try to be a little like them
I'm a thinking. A. & M. for instance! Oh dear! how can
they do so?__ Hearts should be joined as well as hands
in the nuptial tie; and then what word of difference
can come between?__ what could darken the calm
clear sunshine of their love?
Well! __ I Should think I had been taking lessons!
or else had taken the matter into very serious consider-
-ation. one would suppose I had been peeping
into that forbidden closet, the mysterious future, and
if some quarrelsome [Dr?], in the shape of a husband
did start up from a dark corner and present himself

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