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Sunday. June 27th Bright and warm. Attended our church
in the morning with Harriet. Father preached.
Spent the afternoon and evening at home mostly in reading
Mr Murphy took tea with us and spent the evening with H.

Monday.. Delightful weather. We of course all spent it very
busily. Harriet's industry seems untiring but she is
now nearly through. Every thing will be ready just in
time there is no fear of that for who ever found her
unprepared on any important expected occasion.
It will all go off slick as a whistle you may be sure
she says to Carrie and I as we wonder at her perfect
composure and collectedness while she all eye, all ear,
all attention attends to everything, disposes of everything
forgetting nothing not even the most minute and
unimportant, and withal is gay, as cheerful and as
unaffectedly happy as if she had not a care.
What a charm there is in a sunny disposition.
At this busy anxious period, when the expectant bride
might almost be expected to be a little abstracted, nervous
and impatient. Harriet's calm bright smile seems indeed
like a ray of light in our household.
I was much pleased this afternoon to receive a call
from my old friend Henry Hudson. This is the first time
he has visited Williamsburgh since left. He came this
morning with his Father, mother and Hannah
Harriet received a sweet letter from Cousin Kate saying that she
would be unable to come [Dr?] in time for the wedding for want
of an escort, but hoped to come in a few weeks.

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