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"What is a gift but a symbol, giving subtance to praise and esteem?"
"His claim be strongest to thy help who is thrown most helplessly upon thee:
Reason shall dig deepest in the night, and fancy fly most free.

"No soul had he for Nature --- no genial sympathies;
No books he loved __ a vancant [vacant] mind that looked through filmy eyes.
Wisdom and beauty and high worth to him were shadows vain,
And shimmered but in spectral dreams about his cobwebbed
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x brain.
A shadow falls upon your halls - a ghost shall haunt your rooms,
Where solitude and emptiness pile up their dreary glooms.
I see you crouching o'er your hearth -- a prey to nameless fears,
And withering like a leafless tree, while fall your freezing years;
The past shall [Dr?] no comfort, the future breathe no hope--
And in the heaven that thickens o'er your heart, no door shall ope."
C.P. Crunch.
" In vain, in vain! The lyrw is mute,
Its chords are snapt in twain;
You cannot string that silent lute,
Nor clasp those chords again. "

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