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bent over the bed of death, "Natty," he said, "we cannot save
you, can you trust in the Lord Jesus?" "Yes," was the
prompt, clear reply. "Give your heart to God, Natty, cast
yourself into the arms of the Saviour can you do this?"
"Yes," he again replied and to several other questions of the
same nature he likewise replied. Then Father knelt in
prayer -- Oh such a prayer -- it was like wrestling with
Jehovah, and seemed to take hold of every promise to the
faithful, and the dying, and plead them with a merciful
and covenant keeping God. -- Doubtless it was heard and
accepted. __ When he ceased Natty appeared to be talking to
us for some time, but his voice was so feeble and indistinct
that we could understand nothing that he said. He was
composed and after a pause seemed to be singing to himself,
then again he seemed in prayer, but all we could make
out were these two words which he pronounced clearly and
distinctly -- "Lord Forgive." -- Soon all was hushed, he still
breathed, but lay speechless and motionless with his eyes fixed.
Father paced the room absorbed in prayer suddenly he stopped,
clasped his hand upon his breast exclaiming "I can give him
up now - let him go [Dr?] 'The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away
and blessed be the name of the Lord"for as he spoke he
had within himself the [Dr?] assurance that his prayers were
answered and his child was saved. He says it seemed to him
like a flood of glory suddenly let in upon his soul __ the
most glorious thing this side of heaven - while to us it seemed
as if God had spoken to Father and through him to us
assuring us all of the eternal happiness of our beloved one.
Just as Father uttered the last words Starr and Albert arrived and
caught the expression as they entered. What a shock it must have been!

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