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They joined the sobbing group around Natty's bedside, and
like us begged in vain for one more look, one more word.
Twas a scene beyond description -- strong hearted men [Dr?]
as children and brothers and sisters, Fatherand Mother
mingled their lamentations together, kiss after kiss was
pressed to the still burning brow, and words of [Dr?]
love, and of hope and heaven were poured into the ear of
the dying - we suppose he heard and understood all and was
conscious to the last. It was about seven o'clock P.M.
as I hung over him Ikissed him and spoke to him, and
oh how my heart thrilled! --- there was a movement, and one
faint, expiring glance was turned upon me, -- but for an instant
however, and it was the last effort of life. I felt that he
knew me and for a moment almost hoped -- How vain!
Gradually the breath died away -- there was no struggle or sigh
but calm as an infant's slumber was the transition from
time and sorrow to eternal blessedness. Though I kept close
to him till the last I knew not when he drew his last breath
But I heard them murmer "he is gone" and Starr shut
down the lids over those beautiful eyes, and I turned
away with a breaking heart . --- Poor Carrie fainted Father
was very calm -- Mother scarcely spoke or moved, and the boys
had sobbed themselves into quietness. The room was filled
with friends who had gathered in one by one and whom till
now I had not noticed. -- Bye and bye we went down stairs
and I did not again see the dear inanimate body that evening.
Friends came and went and several prayed with us before
leaving -- but I scarcely saw or heard anything -- I felt stunned
and bewildered, and though every chord of feeling ached I was

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