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transfering six acres of water right from the Cedar
Creek ditch to land on Cedar creek outside of the
old field. The privilege was granted.
T.B.Alred applied to get fifteen acres of water
right transferred from the Point and John Larsen
ditches to a ditch south of the field. The transfers
was granted.
R.W. Alred Jun. applied to get ten acres of
water rights transferred from the Point ditch to one east
of the south field. Request was granted by the Council.
A letter relating to the city site was read from the
United States Land Office. And Councilors [Sounty?]
Larsen, John Schofield and the Recorder were appointed
a committee to answer said letters.
Council adjourned Sine.Die. Prayer by F.Olsen.
Wednesday August 4 1880.
A minority of the City Council met in the
Tithing Office and adjourned till Thursday
Aug.5, 1880.
Thursday, August 5, 1880.
City Council met in the tithing office
Mayor Larsen presiding. Prayer by F.Olsen
A petition was read from A.M.Olsen
asking a licence to sell butcher meat for a
period of five months which was granted on
payment of four (4) Dollars.
Seven Dollars ($7.) were appropriated to
councilors F.Olsen, John Schofield, and

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