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Ledger Page Number: 64

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1912Jan-6Chapman G.P.12P.C.251221
1912Jan-24Carver Mrs.12P.C.251471
1912Jan-26Corks & Curls14x1725152
1912Jan-26Confederate Veterans8x1025154
1912Jan-27Cooke in foot - B - suit825158
1912Jan-29Creekmore in foot B. suit12U. Pan.251613
1912Jan-31Cromer Miss Grucie12p.c. 2 negs251661.5
1912Feb-17Chi Phi8x1025200
1912Feb-20Cox Miss Helen L.12p.c.252271
1912Feb-23Cook in Track Suit5x725240
1912Feb-24Cox Harry12p.c.252441
1912Mar19Crump Leo[wa?]6cab28x1
1912Apr1Carter Tim BBBoy49x
1912Apr4Chi Phi House18x10 mTd59x1.5
1912Apr8Christian Mr A g[n/n?] 778x1076x5
1912Apr12Crowell Mr.67 UMA106x2
1912Apr12Cosby Lula12P Cas[ods?]131x2
1912Apr20Chou M6Slie K[loin?]146x5
1912Apr23Chou M12PC147x1
1912Apr29Carter Miss Annie12p.c.165x1
1912May3Chou M.12p.c.177x1
1912May6Claytor Ary Lee6mon-179x1
1912May6Cook Geo. P.12sketch m.p.195x8
1912May14Clements Ethel12pan card199x2
1912May14Clements Ethel12p.c.189x1
1912May15Clark Leonard Master6Devon fol202x3.5
1912May21Cook - (track suit)12M.P.232x4
1912May21Cochran - (track suit)12M.P.233x4
1912May24Christian Archie (Tablet)11x14)249x
1912May30Carruthers Elmer Jr.12P.C.271x1
1912May30Chi Phi272x
1912June3Cooke Geo G.128x10 (2 negs)288x11
1912June8Carpenter Helen -12P.C.299x1
1912June22Camer C.E.12P.C.338x1
1912JuneCourt House8x10355x
1912JuneCabell Hall -8x10360x
1912JuneCabell Hall, Rear of8x10362x
1912July3Colman Mary C.128x10 2 negs370x11
1912July4Cochran Mrs.6P.C. enlargement376x0.75
1912July6Clark L.L.15x7 enlargement380x0.5

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