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Coleoptera Species Longs 2d Ex Vol. 2

Hydrophyllus Fabr.
cinctus Knock Say. Black surrounded with a yellowish margin. U.S. 1/5
globosus, Kn. Say. Very convex oval; elytra with striae of punctures U.S. 3/10 Mass
nebulosus Melsh. S. (Hlabiatus Kn.) Pale whitish-testaceous; a subsutural line on the elytra obsolete before the middle U.S. 3/20 Mass

Aphodius Illig Fabr.
hamatus S. Thorax impunctured on the disk; claw of the anterior tibia dilated incurved, N.W. Territory 1/4
clypeatus S. Blacl; elytra testaceous; clypeous covered with small tubercles N.W.T. 3/20

(Tenebria Lin. Latr.) Upis
reticulatus S. Black; elytra rugose with impressed spots which have elevated cenres Mass 7/10 N.W.

Phaleria Lat.
testacea S. Pale testaceous, beneath black; thorax impunctured; elytra striate with a blackish spot on each near the tip. U.S/ 1/4 Mass
picipes S. Black; antennae mouth & feet piceous South-States 1/5

Epitragus Latr.
canaliculatus S. Thorax with two lines & lateral edge elevated. U.S. 9/20

Eustropheus Latr.
bifasciatus S. Dark reddish brown sericeous; elytra black bifasciate with rufous. U.S. 1/5

Dircea Fab.
tipialis S. Black with short hair; base of the antennae & tibia yellowish. N.W. Ter. 3/20

4-maculatus. S. Blackish-brown, sericeous; elytra with two yellow spots. Ark. Mo. 7/20

Helops Fab. Lat.
arctatus S. Dark brassy, irregularly punctured, elytra with dilated indentations N.W. Ter. 1/2
venustus S. Dark brassy, punctured; posterior angles of the thorax slightly curved; elytra irridescent. Pa 3/10

Cistela Fab. Lat.
binotata, S. Blackish serceous; elytra with a humeral rufous spot. N.W. T. 3/10
sericecea Knock, Say. Pale testaceous, serrceous; striae of the elytra obsolete U.S. 1/4

Melandrya Fab. Lat.
striata S. (Serropalpus canaliculatus Melsh) Black; thorax with 3 groves; front with an impressed dot; elytra striate & punctured. N. & Middle States 3/5 Mass
labiata S. Black; labrum rufous; elytra destitute of striae. Pa 2/5

Lagria Fav. Lamarck
aenea Melsh, Say. Green; thorax oblong; elytra punctured antennae & palpi yellowish Mass U.S. 2/5

Rynchites Herbst. Latr.
rubricollis Melsh Say. Blued black; thorax & feet rufous; elytra striate hairy; U.S. 3/20

scutellatus S. Brassy black punctured; scutel pure white. NW Territory 9/10

Sapenla Fab.
vestita S. Body entirely covered with a very short greeenish yellow hair; elytra with 3 small dots. La. 3/4 Mass

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