Status: Needs Review

12:45 on Thursday Jan 19th

the adjourned meeting was continued at the time appointed
the same members being present.
An application from Rev. J.F. Gorman in Ottawa was
reviewed & considered.
Mr. Gorman was a graduate of St. Augustines Canterbury
He had taken in 2nd class in the University Preliminary Examination
for Holy Orders in 1885
Moved Rev. C.C. Wallen
Seconded by Dr. Tamblyn
That Mr Gorman be allowed the Theological options as
equivalent to the Preliminary & 1st year Hebrew as
equivalent to optional Hebrew in the Preliminary if he took it
& Trigonometry of the 1st year as equivalent to Biblical Literature
An enquiry was also made by Arthur Broaden M.D of
St Thomas with reference to obtaining a B.A.
Mr. Broaden had (1) Senior leaving 1890 with Later Gk. options
(2) Undergraduate starting in Toronto University, Honors In Mathematics
& English of th First Year
(3) Degree of M. D. Western University 1902


N.C. James

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