Status: Needs Review

A special meeting was held on Wednesday March 8th at the
request of the Executive of the University with U Vice-Chancellor in
the Univ. at 4.15 p.m.
Present Dr James, Professor Burgess, Dr. Tamblyn, Rev. C.C. Wallen
An application was brought for and from Mr McLean of Clinton
to be allowed to proceed to the B.A. taking the special science course
[?] what he had already done.
Mr McLean took 2 years Honor Science in Toronto & has the
equivalent of the First Year but without Latin & French.
He wished to take Latin & French of 1st year.
French & English of 2nd & 3rd & 4th years in one examination.
After discussion it was moved
by Dr. James
Seconded by Professor Burgess
That Mr. McLean be requested to take Psychology or optics
in criteria to the subjects he proposed & that on his
passing the respective examinations he be allowed the B.A. Degree
In regard to the number of papers to be set in the case of
Mr. Phipps Honor Chemical candidate in the First year
In addition to the subjects in which he would be examined in
course it was suggested that he have
1 paper in Harodotus & Gk. Sight Translation
1 paper in Virgil v.vi
1 " in Per Murera[?], Pro Murera[?], Philippi II.
1 in Horace III, IV & Carr[?] S[?] & sight translation
1 in Gk. History & [?] pices of prose
or the respective prose papers.
N.C. James

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