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timber business, keeping the usual books of
account, [transmitting?] [with?] your monthly
land [returns?], a statement of moneys [monies]
received on account of timber dues during]
the month -- So that the different bands
may receive credit for the [sums?] realized
which will, be [invested?] for their benefit
in the same manner as moneys [monies]received
on account [of?] Land. payments

You will make the Indians understand
that these regulations are not intended, to
prevent them from using all the timber
they require for [firing?] or building [purposes?]
or [fencing?] -- but as for years past quantities
of timber has been sold [on?] different
Reserves. and Cord wood of the [best?] kind
cut [through?] all parts, without any
attempt at clearing land. It became
necessary for the Government to interfere
to prevent, that property which [should?] be
made a benefit to the Indians for future
times from being all [squandered?] away
in a few years --

Should any of the Indians disregard
these regulations, laid [down?] by the Government for
the general good, you will please to [intimate?]
to them that such conduct may necessitate
the stoppage of their individual half yearly
payments, a mode of punishment to
which the Department will be most
unwilling to [resort?]

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