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Sales of [inserted above]
Timber to a great extent are [repeported?] to have
been made on the Reserve at [Carradoc?] [Caradoc]
You will therefore ascertain as correctly as
possible the quantity and value of the
Timber and staves plundered, and the
parties Indians or others, who have been
guilty of this act of wrong doing --

The [amount?] of profit made by any Indian
out of such unlawful transactions should
be taken from the monies payable to him
carrying the amounts stopped to the general
funds of the band -- Thus giving to [their?]
permanent funds the benefit of all timber
whether cut lawfully or unlawfully

I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
Wm Spragge --
D S [I?] A [underlined]

Dues payable by Sarnia Indians for timber cut on License
on their Reserves

Oak timber per thousand feet $25.00
[West?] India Staves " 2
Pipe " " 6.50
Soft Wood per Cord ".10 [followed by a curly bracket on the right side of this line and the following line, indicating the following comment applies to both lines] If cut on their own [Lots?]
Hard " " " ".15

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