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but we never drew any interest. The
agents and superintendant promised
it [to us?] time after time but it never
came. Our present superintendant
and agent will, we think, try to find
out what has been done with that
interest and arrange matters properly,
and get the whole of the money due us.

To Jacob [?azi?] :

My dear father :

I was very glad to hear
from you and thankful that you
are still spared. I never forget you
since you traveled with me so much
over the country. When we made
the treaty I remembered you, and
gave you and my mother each forty
acres of land. Every individual here, large
and small old and young drew the same.
Your land has good timber on it, but
it cannot be sold to any white man
only to one of our own number There
are some who would like to have the
land, but they have no money to buy
it, but when we get payment some
one may buy it and I will then send
you the money. The reason we have
not yet drawn any money you will
see from what I wrote in another part

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