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facing in our relations with Russia another prase of the
same problem in which the United States has thus far taken
the opposite position, the insistence that race differences
shall not lead to political and social disabilities. But
there is an evident recrudescence in our own land of the
century-long race prejudice against the Jews, and it is not
inconceivable that in time we shall be led as a nation to
reverse our attitude, and follow the lead of Russia in
discrimination against the Jews. In some quarters we are
already doing so socially.

Whereunto is this thing going to grow? What is the
basis of this discrimination? If the black man is to be
denied opportunities on the basis, not of his ability, but
of his race, it is just as logical to do so in the case of
the yellow man. The black man and the yellow man are no more
racially distinct from the Indo-European than is the Semite.
Moreover, England is facing a distinction in India within
the Indo-European race itself. What of the common attitude
in our own country toward the Dago and the Polack? They are
of Aryan stock. But the theory of race inferiority may very
olausibly be extended to them. Does the race problem mean
the Indo-European race against the world in the assertion of
its own superior right to rule and enjoy the good thing of
life? Or, more narrowly, does it mean the Anglo-Saxon against
the world in a similar arrogance?

What is the world going to do about such an assump-
tion? Except in the United States and South Africa, the negro
is not in position at present to set up a very rigorous protest.
But it seems to me it does not need the vision of a prophet to
see that the yellow man is not going to lie down under such an
assumption, and that with an aroused China and a victorious
Japan, he is prepared to make any race which challenges his
equality pay dearly for its assumptions. We have taught the
world the arts of our civilization, and it will go ill with
them but they will better the instruction.

So much for the wider aspects of the case. I simply

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