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Letter received from Constantinople
on the situation of the Armenians in
Asiatic Turkey.

Constantinople, 13 July 1915.

[Lord James Bryce]

Since the 25th. of May last, events have
followed in close succession, and the misery of our
people is now at a climax.

Besides some rumours regarding the position
of the Armenians at Erzeroum, until recently we heard
only of the deportation of the inhabitants of some of
the towns and villages of Cilicia, but we now learn
from a reliable source that the Armenians from all the
towns and villages of Cilicia have been deported on
masse to the regions of the decert of South Aleppo.

From the 1st of May the population of the town
of Erzeroum and a little later that of the province
of the same name have been taken to Samsun where they
have embarked. The inhabitants of Cesarée, Diarbékir,
Ourfa, Trébizonde, Sivas, Kharpout and of the district
of Van have been deported to the deserts from
Mesopotamia, South of Aleppo, to Moussoul and Bagdad.

"Armenia without the Armenians" is the object
of the Ottoman Government.

Already they permit the Musulmen to occupy the


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