Microfilm Reel 286, File 543, "Lynching"

All the microfilm scans from the file number 543, "Lynching," on reel 286 from the Executive Office files of the Woodrow Wilson Papers, series 4 in the Library of Congress finding aid.


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HALL, Woolcey V..

Washington, D. C..

August 13, 1818.

Calls attention to a misrepresentation of the President, on the question of lynching, by George Creel.

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The Rare Srruirr Burran

Associate Editor St. Louis Argus

Sec'y Pythian Temple Commission


Inspector for the City Sidewalk Section


Exalied Prelate of the Peerless Knights

National Grand Organ., A. V. K. & D. of Af TELEPHONE.

Kinloch Central 8519 For All Ocpartments

Our Free Employment Depart ment is at Four Service.



Grand Chancellor of the Knishts of Prthin in the State of Missourifor the past 197rs/

Depository-Lacdode Trust Company. 12 South Jefferson Ave


BUREAl To Make Friends Among the White People for the Race Chairman Colored Women'’s Unit

To Seek New and Better Opportunities for Men and Women of our Race.

To Fight Color Prejudice.

To Teach Race Unity.

To Eliminate the Use of the TermNIGGER.

Council of National Defcuse

WW. T. ANCElL. Assl. Secy

Crand Keeper of R. & S. of K. of P.

To Ald Those Who Merit A1d.

Themselves, in Order to Gain the Respect of RothWhite and Colored Peopie.

T.. Teach Negroes How to Conduct


St ouly Mo. APEE IEh110

President Woodrow Wilson, Executive Mansion,

Washington, D. C.

Dear SirjThe Race Service Bareau takes this method to thank you

in behalf of the Negro Citizens of St.Louls, and of the United States

for your splendid plea to the Citizens of this Country against the

evil of mob law. By thissingle act you have placed yourself and the exhaulted office

you occupy as a real advocate, in word and deed, of a true Demooracy. If the Race Service Bureau can be of service to you in any way,

you have but to command us.

Sincerely yours,

. H. King. Presilent.


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TMI KA SO M I1xa 815 an 16th.

ASHEVILLE, N.c., Aug. 1s, 1828.

THE PRESIDENT. The Board of Bishops and Conventional Council Arican Mothodist Episcopal Eion Church in session sends greetings and thanks to you for

pronouncenent against lynchings and would assure you of our hearty support to win this war for world’s freedon.

George W. Clinton, Chairman;

George C. Clement, Secy. Board; F. H. Jacobe, General Sooy.


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Pres. Wlodrew Wilson, v.8.4 Washington, D.C.

My Dear Mr. President:-

As Sec. of the Muskogss branch of the Natlin.

Association for the Advancement of Colored People

1 feel it my duty on behalf of the Association to write your Excelency a personal letter expressing to you our

profound gratitude for the great stand that you have made to the public on the disgrace of mob and lynch law.

We feel that the full strength of o1d Clory will rally to your request, as note the the Sanantonio

Express has set aside 8100,000.00 to be paid as rewards for the capture and punishment of such cowards and

enemys of Democracy.

Very truly yours,

4.H Ambios

.U.„OUOO000000 Sec. Muskogee Branch of the N.A.A.C.P.


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( Celmole, Pennas Aug. 181918.

Fon. Wordsot Wilson.

President of the United States

W ashington, D. C. U. S. A. Your Excellency:

The writer who

is an advocate of true democracy hereby heartily thanks you for

your able and tmels appeal

to the American people against

mob spirit in which you saiy

truly that no man hono loves Amere ca; no man who really cares for

her fame and hondr and charac

ter or who is truly loyal to her in-

stifutions can justifil mob action, while the courts of justice are open, and the

governments of the states and na-

stion are ready and able to do their

duty; and much more which has the spirit of true Americamm This appeal was most timely

for the mob spirit was most ranstant in the land, and many who 452391

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