Diary of Jeremiah White Graves, Volume 2, Book 6



June 22, 1948 - July 3, 1848

June 22, 1948 - July 3, 1848

1848 June 22 Weeding Branch Tobacco Fed gone to mill 6 Bus.

23rd I am Laying by mountain field. weeding down all branch in Lot A little Rain yesterday none to do anymuchgood

24 Yesterday evening a smart shower Rain Replanting Tobacco this morning — cloudy Finished mountain field now at stony point ——weather warm Finished planting all that is Bedded Hill on

25 clear & warm, cool nights & dry weather

26 clear & cool nights went to Green field, weeding fresh ground Tobacco - Laying by corn at stony point ——1848

27 Weeding Tobacco in fresh ground Laying by corn at stony point weather nights cool days Hot & very dry —

29 Plowing at stony point Finished weeding new ground & second years ground Tobacco

30 Finished weeding Tobacco & nearly done Laying by corn, Rained a little last night & Raining this morning very slow - not enough to Replant Tobacco yet

1848 July 1 Halling up wheat Hilling up Peas & chopping out corn this morning A fine Rain to day & we are planting Lot Tobacco done Laying by corn & Sweet Potatoes Hilled up

2nd Sunday - a fine Rain about night

3rd Drawing Tobacco plants ground too wet this morning to Plow nearly finished whole planting Lot by Henrys house Saturday & Replanting too

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July 4, 1848 - July 14, 1848

July 4, 1848 - July 14, 1848

1848 July 4th Finished Planting & replanting Tobacco this morning, sewed Peas & Buck Wheat Halling up wheat, clear day days warm & nights cool —

5 Finished Halling up wheat

6. Began to cut Oats yesterday & to day cutting 3& 4hands — Rained a little

7 cutting oats 3 & 4 hands cutting Hen set by 1st Gate towards granary

8 July A wet morning Rained all night shilling corn shoemaking spining etc did not quite get done cutting Our Oats yesterday before it began to Rain - wind W. E. cool Rained nearly all this day & quite cool Picking wool & shoemaking etc

9th Cloudy & cool but not Raining

10 Halled up Blade fodder this morning Hilling up new ground Tobacco

11 Gone to mill 8½ Bus. corn 1 Bus wheat Hilled up cotton yesterday & finished cutting oats & this morning working out Garden Mouse had a Bull Calf a week ago

12th Hilling up Big new ground cloudy began to Top Tobacco yesterday

13 Finished Big new ground & hilling up little new ground Halling up Oats stoped too wet to stack char Ho[use?] day - Fed sick yesterday & to [day]

14th & 14 Harrowing corn & Plowing etc Branch Tobacco Irish Potatoes etc.

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July 15, 1848 - July 28, 1848

July 15, 1848 - July 28, 1848

1848 15 July Weeding Lot Tobacco Planted a week or 2 ago Pickle cucumber

[lost in margin] clear & Cool weeding Lot Tobacco cotton & Sweet Potatoes Laid by this day stacking Oats this day & [Hi]lling Grass -

[lost in margin] Finished stacking oats & weeding down our Lot Tobacco, Hilling up in Johns Branch & Plowing it cutting & Halling up Grass clear & cool nights

19 & 20 & 21. Plowing & Hilling Tobacco sewed Turnips in fresh ground

22 Finishing Hilling up second years ground Toped over Twice, put up 2 stacks grass & Halled out manure on Turnip Patch

23rd Rained a little & cloudy ground dry

24. cleared off & no rain to do any good Dry & Hot corn suffering very much Began to Grub & Cut in new ground Henry balled stacks etc.

25 Thrashing out wheat & sent 7 or 8 Bus corn to mill & ½ Bbl wheat & 1 stack to Doct. Whites mill

26 began to tread out our wheat shrubbing etc A fine Rain Thanks to the Ruler of all things

27 Treading out wheat, Fixing Turnip Patch etc Shrubing wheat land

28th A Fine Rain in evening & at night Grubbing & worming Tobacco & toping Henry fixing stacks forPaling for yard

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July 29, 1848 - August 11, 1848

July 29, 1848 - August 11, 1848

1848 July 29th Weather warm. Grubing cutting & choping out mountain field corn

30 Rained yesterday last night & this morning cloudy & Rainy fine growing weather — yesterday went with Mr. McDaniel to see land & he is to say in 10 or 12 days whe =ther we trade, —

31 Misting of Rain this morning & last night Finishing choping corn at mountain field Spining etc etc. ——

1848 1st Augt. Clear & cool Plowing & Hilling up lot Tobacco etc Sewed Turnip Seed in Patch

2nd Plowing & Hilling up lot Tobacco 3rd Toping etc Fed Sick

4 Treading out 1 floor wheat, Toping & succoring Tobacco new ground succoring second yrs Tobacco Put Lady to Mr JonesHorse Grey

5 Treading out wheat this morning working Greens in Garden

9 Finished Treading out wheat topingworming second yrs ground

10 - Paling apples etc —

11th. Raining Toping & worminggroundnew & Branch - in Lot — Sent ½ Bushels corn to Doct Whites & 1 Log

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August 14, 1848 - August 31, 1848

August 14, 1848 - August 31, 1848

1848 Augt 14th Thomas Templeton came after a search warrant this morning to search Mrs Garrotts House for his Tobacco, lost — We got apples for vinegar at stony point in evening a fine Rain indeed

15th Cloudy & foggy this morning. we Beeting apples & getting up for vinegar I am sick & have been for 2 weeks & several have desperate coughs it may be Hooping cough. —

18 Worming & succoring Tobacco & going to meeting all this week. Revival at Strait Stone at this time WmH Plunket Pastor Several showers of Rain in 10 days past, beautiful one last night

20th began to Rain to day about 11 or 12 oclock we were all at a great meeting at strait stone

21 Still Raining & wind Blows from N.E. ground very wet indeed cool wet weather

22 Fair day Toping & worming Tobacco

23 Same work, began to Plow for wheat, cloudy & like for Rain ——————

29. Sent to Doct. Whites mill 1 Large Log for Paling & 5 or 6 Bushels corn — Henry gone worming & succoring branch & lot to day & Granary Lot -

31st & 30. Getting up & beeting apples for Brandy finished over Tobacco 30th Inst. weather fair & warm

31st Pulling mountain field fodder

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