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he refused to surrender, but and held at bay
mans mortal enemy, until he had com
pleted his lifes work and bequeathed a
treasure to his country and a fortune to his

The seige of Corinth which followed
Shiloh, has been a subject of much intelligent
discussion, not only as to whether it was
a siege at all but also as to who was
the first to discover that the enemy had
been gone several days, After taking the
information of the probable evacuation
from General Rousseau, to McCook the
division commander, I rode to the
Tischomingo hotel without meeting a
soul until I arrived at the square; where
men from the right were hoisting the
national colors there on the flagstaff

Our march there after was through a
country undisturbed by the ravages of
war. The typical south, everyday was
a revelation. The hospitality of the people
to us their enemies was amazing.—True
they were protected by the orders of the
commanding general in an unusual
way, no trespass was permitted, and
vouchers were given for what it was
necessary to take. The people were to be
conciliated as a means of restoring the

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