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To coole the Blood

Sal nitri is approved to be taken ℥1 dissolved
in plantaine or barlye water which dose may
be given every 4th houre, if the heate be
greate. Two 3 or more may be dissolved to
drink att will. It will nott offend him onely
if he take too greate a dose att once itt may
cause him to vomitt but itt will not hurt him
See Woodhall chirurgeons mate pagin 28


Rx a gallon glass filled with Lavender flowers
fill itt up with spiritt of Wine or Malmsey, then
distill your Water Mr Mattins

For a paine in the head
or in a Feaver

Rx the Burr leafe that beareth many little burrs
and lay the smooth side to the Nape of the Neck &
both the Wrists at night, & in the mornenig take it
of & lay itt on againe at night & itt will ease
For the Cramp
Rx the spiritt bone or stifeling bone of the hare
taken of when shee is hott, or if itt may be
when she is alive


For the Palsey
of the Heart

Take Conserve of Lavender flowers and
Conserve of Burrage

For the bruised Codd

Rx 4 spoonfulls of honey, green Walnutts
kernells, & the young rind, & make thereof
an Electuary & take of itt 4 times a day
To put up the Vvala
Rx oyle of Dill and Honey a quantity or
oyle of Amber 3 dropps & putt itt up with
a Vvala spoone

To make Gilliflower water

Rx 2 gallons of sack & steep in itt as many
clove Gilliflowers as will steep in itt, with a
Quarter of a pound of Cloves as much Mace &
of Nutmeggs, bruise your spices & flowers &
let them steep 24 houres then distill itt in a Lim=
beck & keep itt for use, and put into the glass
wherein you meane to keep itt 3 ounces of pure

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