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each of them be putt by themselves. Then take Sixe Quarts
of white Wine, and putt these together except the Liquorice, An=
nyseeds and Camomill Flowers into the Wine, & stop the Vessell
and let them steepe one night, then take a great Kettle &
fill with Water, and into that Water putt the Vessell wherein the
Simples are and being stopt very close when the Water boyleth,
Let it boyle so one houre and a halfe then putt in your other
Things before reservd ad so lett it boyle one houre and a halfe
more, then take it of, and straine it thorough an indifferent
fine Cloth, and putt that Liquor by it Selfe, then putt to your Sub=
stance remaining in the strainer Sixe Quarts of small [Alee]
& lett it be stopt and boile 3 houres, then take it of & straine
it. The firstdrink must be used 3 or 4 times a day, & 4 or 5
spoonfulls at a time, the second drink must be used at all times
when the Patient is thirsty without drinking any other drinke
while it lasteth.

A Drinke for a Bruise
{My Mother}X
{A Fanshawe}Take Selfe [heale], Fennell, Yarrow, and Comfrey rootes, cleane
scrapt, still these together, then take a pinte of Clarett Wine
and burne it and sweeten it with powdered Sugar, and take then
putt in halfe a pint of the Water, 2 penny worth of Sperma Ceti
warme these together, Let the Party bruised drinke a good draught
and sweat after it, If the bruise be in the head leave out the Fenille.

For a Consumption
{My Mother}
{A Fanshawe}Take Betony, Coltfoote, Comfrey, Burnett, Red Rose leaves,
Cowslip Flowers of each one handfull, and boyle them in a pottle
of Water to a [Quart] in a Pipkin, straine them, & putt in a pound
of double refined Sugar, and let it dissolve in the Water, & drinke
5 Spoonfulls with 2 Spoonfulls of the best Canary Wine, warme,
in a morning fasting.

{To make}
To make an Excellent opening and purging
Drinke for the Liver

{My Mother{X
A Fanshawe}
Take Sassperilla, sliced and bruised, Polypodie of the Oake bruised
Scena of Alexandria a little bruised, of each 4 ounces, Yellow Docke
rooster, washed, scraped bruised and the Pith taken forth of them, one
ounce and a halfe, of Rhubarb, halfe an ounce, thinne sliced [Nequo=]
quium, Egrimony and Maydenhaire, of each one handfull, Anniseeds
Sweet Fennell Seeds & Caraway seeds a little bruised of each one ounce.
Liquorice scraped and bruised one ounce and a halfe, Mixe all these to=
gether, then take Greene Scurvy Grasse leaves cleane pickt a pecke
Brooke Lime & Water Cress of each halfe a Pecke, beate the hearbs to
a greene Sauce, & mixe them with the former ingredients, put a piece
of Lead into a Bagge to sinke your bagge into the bottome of the barrell
houlding the mouth out of the Barrell, then putt in Your hearbes & tye
the bagge close, & let it sinke to the bottome and tunne it up in three
Ale Gallons of Beere or Ale in a Stonestand, and for the first day
squeeze the juice out of the Bagge into the drinke 3 or 4 times, letting
the bagge hang in the drinke continually, then let them worke together,
and when it is 3 or 4 dayes old drinke a good draught 2 houres before
dinner & another 2 houres before supper. If you can a pinte Use this
daily as you find it to worke with you more or less. This drinke is
to be taken in the beginning of May, or at the fall of the Leafe. Tis
Excellent for the Liver, or for any dropsicall humour, or the Scurvy,
or foulnes of the Blood

A Glister for the Bloody Fluxe
{My Mother{X
A Fanshawe}
Take a Quart of new Milke, a pound of sheepes suet, shred it very
small, sett itt upon the Fire, and boyle it till it come to a pinte, then strain
it and so administer it to the Patient twice a day till the Flux be stayed.

An Excellent Medicine for the bleeding of a Veine innards
{My Mother{X
Ann Fanshawe}
Putt hott boyling water into a Pweter pott, Lett it lye so till the pott be exceeding

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line 8 of the first section: "houre" on the original document is spelled as "our" in the transcription


line 13 of the first section: % was used in place of 5 in the transcription


"Drink of the Liver" line 12: missing "out" in transcription, correction to "houlding the mouth out of the Barrel"