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{X}To make conserve of Wormwood
{A Fab}Take a pound of the young toppes of worm=wood,
steep them twelve howers in two quarts of Hyssop
water, squeeze the wormwood gently from the water
with your hand, then putt your wormwood into
a mortar with 3 quarters of a pound of Loaf=sugar,
& half a pound of Rasins of the sunn stoned; beat all
these to a conserve, and tye it close up in a Pott
and keep it for your use.
You must take as much as a nuttmeg hereof, every
morning Fasting.

An exellent Receipt for the stone
or stoppage of the urine

{A Fan[...]}
Take the kernelle of Ash keyes, when they are ripe,
which is about Michaelmas, dry them & when you
administer them, you must beate them to a fine pouder
and give one spoone full of them in broath.

{X} For the spleen;
Boyle thime ash Bark and tamaris of each an oune
in a possett Drink made of white wine and
Small ale drink it fasting in a morning
& at 4 of the Clock in the afternoon for 9


for the Stone
The destilled watter of Clivers or Beane
Shells; or time taken as much and as Often
as you please; allso Eatting of Endiff with all
things is Extream good to breake the Stone
by which medicine outd do: Amey measured
him selfe maney yeares and yoyded hundreds
of stones

for aney heatt in the blather
or sharpnes of Eurin

Putt too Spunfull of Serupe of
Mallows in to a droft of milke
matter in the morning when you
just wake and last when you goe to bed
until the pane sesses

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