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For a burn or scald
Beat whites of eggs til they all froth then
put in as much Oile Olive as whites of eggs beat
these well together til they are incorporated then
put in as much fine flax as wil cover the place
thin over dip if very wel in the palme before you
lay it onn & apply fresh morning & night until
the place bee well; under God this wil come without
leaving any fear it applied in lime.

A Medicine for ye wormes.
Take one pill of Aloes rosatum in the morning
early & four houres after take a Glister of
three quarter of a pint of new milke with for
Spoonfuls of Huney warmed over embers, if ye
give it to a man or wooman ye must double the
quantity of all.

To Care a hixe by CouldContracted
Take a handful of Ale hoofe & 20 or 30 rasons
of the Sume stoned boil them in a quart of
ale tile halfe bee consumed drinke if the first
thing in a morning and the last at night til
ye find ye selfe cured

For the pain in ye head
take two halfes of a Smale rose Cake put upon
the too nutmegs Grated & Lay them into a dish
pour upon them as much Elder Vinegar as will
make the rose Cake soft then lay them on your
temples and let them ly as low as they wil reach


A poultes for any Soar or wound that
is Inflamed,

Boil a pint of Milke with crumBs of whit bread,
a handful of Mellalot flowers, halfe a handful of red
rose leaves, when these are well boiled together put it
into a porenger, & stir into it halfe an ounce of Oile
of St. Johns=wort & halfe an ounce of Oile of roses
this quantety is too much unless the sore bee very great
therefore you must proportion it as ye for ocasion

An Excelent Receapt
for any pain in the bake
espetialy the whites.

Take of white amber well fine pared & sugar or roses each
4 ounces, of Nutmeg in a fine pouder 2 drames, mix them
wel & keepe them in a box for your use [ut a full spoon
of this pouder into a draught of new milke warme from
the Cow, & drinke a pint of it every morning fasting &
at foure of the Clok in the afternoon.

Another for the Same
Fil a stil with Clary as hard pressed doune as you Can
then pour for it as much whit wine as wil soake in
Let it stand 12 houres then draw it offe with a soft
foer, the next day fil ye stil as hefore with Clary only,
then pour the distiled water upon it & let it stand six
hours then draw it ofe again with a soft fier and keepe
for ye use; bee sure ye bottle bee drie & sunn ye water
drinke it 2 houres before dinner & supper a quarter of a pint
sweetend with whit sugar candy.

the Oyntment for ye same
boile Ground moss in Creame so much as wil make it thick
as an ointment & anoint the vaines of ye back there with
the first thing you doo in a morning & the Last thing you
doo at night.

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