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{26.} A pleasant remedy for wheazing
and spopage in the stomak

{Mr C: Hinton.} Take halfe a pint of the best Cinamon water
and put to it, for ounces of Oximell of squills,
keepe it in little Glass bottle and take now
and then acording as you find Ocasion a spoonful
of it, and shake the Glass uery well eury time.

For the Stinging of a snake or

{My Mother.} Immediately when you are stung heat a
knife very hot in the fier, and clap just
upon the place that was stung and hould
it a Good while til it have burned it out,
or else, lay the intrails of the same ader
or snake that stung you, or of aney other,
and bind it fast on upon the place.

For an [Fgeu].

{L. Lowther.} Cutt the yellow Rind of Ciuall Orranges very thin, dry
it before the fyer, and then beat and tearee it, and
take a Good spoon full of the powder into spoonful
of tack an hour before your fitt and ly worme,
doo this three times whether the fit leaves ye or no
and again before the next full of the moon three


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