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63. 30
Salves, Plaisters, Oyntments, Oyles, Poultisses,
Powders, for severall Occasions.

The King of France his Balsome.
{My Mothers.
A Fan}

Take Red Sage, and Rue of each one pound, of Young Bay Leaves
and Wormwood of each 1/2 a pound, doe not wash them, but picke, wipe
and cutt them very small, and beate them well in a Stone Morter, take
3 pound of Sheepes Suett hot from the Sheepe, mince it small & breake
it with those herbes till it be all of one coulour; then putt all into a faire
boule with a pottle of the best oile Olive, worke all together till it be-
come alike, then putt it into an Earthen pott well stopt with Parch-
ment and waxe for 8 dayes. Then seethe all in a panne with a soft
Fire. When it is sodden putt to it 4 Ounces of the oile of Spike. Then
straine, it thorow a Canvas Strainer into a pott, cover it with parch:
ment, and with a Leather upon that; In the boyling of it take heed
that it burne not, for the avoyding whereof putt 2 or 3 drops still in a
Lancer, and when it is greene as the Emrod it is enough.
This is excellent for all Aches, or paines of the Head that come of Cold
black wooll being dipt in it, and stopping the Eares, for shrinking of
Sinewes, or Ague Cakes being haft in against the Fire, & a Cloth dipt
hott in the same applied to the Place.
The Flowre of Oyntments.
{Lady. Butler.
A. Fan}

Take Rozen and parozen of each halfe a pound, Virgine Waxe & fran:
kincense of each a quarter of a pound, of Harts Tallow a quarter of a pound of Camphire two drams, of Mastick
one two Ounces melt that which is to be melted, and make powder of that which is
to be made in powder, boile it well & straine it into a Pottle of white Wine
& all the other Stuffe together. Let it coole a while, then putt thereto of
Turpentine a Quarter of a pound. Stirre it well together till it be cold. Keepe
for the best oyntment or Salve on warrantize.
The Vertues of this Oyntment.
'Tis good for all manner of wounds, for the Head Ache, for the singing in the

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