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Braine, for all Imposthumes in the Head or Body, for Sinens
[...] it draweth out any thorne or broken

To make a oyntment [Playssfoe?]
Take 3 ouncis of ye oyntment putt thereito one ouns
of vinis Suspinfine 2 ounces of Bees wax with
them and worke them vy as others playstirs

bruise proved by me of a woman, that has lost her Eye
by a bruise, and recovered it againe.

{Lady Butler
A Fan}

Take a pinte of Sallet oyle, steepe therein Elder Flowers, &
change them two or three times, as you doe any other oyle, to keepe
it and when you need annoynt the brise often therewith warmed,
and lay the Flowers on the place bruised.

An Oyntment for an Ankle
{My Mother}
Take Rosemary topps and flowers one pound, Stampe them well
in a Stone Mortar with 2 pound of Capons grease, then putt it into
a Stone pott, and shutt it very close, & sett it onto a Kettle of water
on the Fire 24 houres, then take it of the Fire & straine it
from the Flowers, and putt it into a broad mouthd glasse, & sett it
in the Sunne 4 dayes, then reserve it to your ale. This is a
good Oyntment for a Sciatica, ar any other Ache so you sweate
upon it

A Poultis to breake a sore Breast
{My Mother}
Take halfe a pint of honey, halfe a pinte of Creame handfull
of Rose Leaves, & as many Crumms of wheate Bread as will thicken
it with boyling all together.

To breake a sore Breast
{My Mother
A Fan}

Take - Mugwort, & Holyoake Leaves, & whitwort, & small Oat=

meale, and Linnseed well pounded with a few Figgs. Boile all there well
together to a poultis, and in the end, adde two Spoonfulls of Oyle olive, and
apply it to the Griefe.

An Excellent oile to comfort the Braine
{My Mother
A Fan}

Take of Lignum Rhodium 20/8 waights, Damaske Roses 2 Bushells,
Lavender topps 1/2 a peck, & Marjoram 4 handfulls Sparemint as much,
Take all these together and beat them, and put them into a Vessell, adde
20/8 waight of Bay Salt & so much Fountaine water as will cover them.
Let them stand a month close tied up with Parchment and waxe, Then
distill them in a Limbeck with an indifferent Fire, and take of the oile on
the topp and keepe it for your use. Tis excellent for any Paine of
the Head that comes from cold, especially for Apoplexies

A present Remedy for an old Ache
{My Mother
A Fan}

Take very strong Aqua vitae two spoonfuls, & 2 spoonfulls of the juice
of Arsesmart, and anoynt the Place grieved every day 2 or 3 times for it
will speedily helpe you. Approved by Dr. Lopus.

A Medeicine for an ache or shrinking of ye Sineuses.
{My Mother }
Take the tendering of Rosemary and Mash Mallowes of each an hand=
full more or lesse as You will, gather them when they are drie, beat them in
a morter very small, them take May Butter well strained, & putt it into Yr
hearbes, mingle them well together, then let them stand 4 dais, then sett
them over the Fire, seeth them till the strength be gone out of ye hearbes
then take a little of it in a spoone, and let it drop it on your naile, &
if it be greene as the Emerod it is perfect. put it up in an earthen
pott, and so when you have occasion use it anointing the place grieved
by the Fire.

To make the true Weapon Powder
{Sir K.D
A Fan}

Take of Vitrioll 4. worth, which will be halfe a Spoonefull, putt it
into a Quart of water, Stirre it with a knife twice or thrice, if there
be Vitrioll enough your knife will be colourd Copper, then take ye Cloth


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