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{22}A water for a bruise or a vaine
broken in the bellie

{potione 5}Take sunacle, selfe heale, yarrow, comfrey, wrootes and hysop,
{saniele} of all a like quantitie, and soe still it in an ordinary
still, and giue it the patient to drinke .4. or .5. spoones
full all a time, with as much burnt claret wine
or posset drinke.

{23}An Excellent moauth water to kill
any strong Canker or worme

Take Costmary, rosemary, sauin, hearbgrace, redd sage
wormwood, Camomill, mallowes, muggworth, mercury
salendine, of each a good handfull, but most of womwood
a gallon or better of faire running water, boyle it ouer
a sofft fire, till the leaves be tender, and the liquor
become to the quantity of a quart, then put in a peece
of Allom as bigg as a pullets egg, & 3 good spoonesfull
of English honey, boyle this a whalme or two till the
Allome be melted and the honey incorporated into the
water, then put up your water and hearbes to your use

{24}An Excellent Syrop for the opening
of the Lunges and stopping of the
stomack and cleansing of the blood
and to cure consumption

Take a handfull of wormwood, one handfull of hearbegreace
a little time, halfe a handfull of organ, and soe of
marierom, one handfull of liuerworth, a little mugworth
a handfull of hysop, one handfull of Agrymonie, 3. or . 4 .
roots of parsely and soe of fennell rootes the pith taken
out of the midle of the roots, & a handfull of coltsfoot,
a pretty quantity of Elicampane roots them sliced, a
little sweet fennell seeds and asmuch aniseede, carraway
seeds and Coriander seed . one handfull of maidenhaire
as much of sydrake 8 . or . 9 . dates and as many figgs
2 handsfull of the best blew raisins of the sunne and
a pretty quantity of English licorish, a race or two of
ginger, cut in slices, take all these and put them into
a close earthen pott, put to them . 3. pintes or a pottle of
the strongest and stalest beere you can get, stop the
pott close and paste it round that no ayre come to it
put it into the ouen with your batch and let it stewe
there all the while your bread is in the ouen, and when you draw

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