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{27}To make a syrop of Centory, to
Expell Poyson from the heart
cleanse the blood, and is good for
diuers infirmities as the wormes &c

Take Centory when it is in the prime of greenesse, and distill
it in an ordinary still, take a gallon or . 3 quarts of water,
and keepe it till you gather the other Centory in its due
time, which will be in haruest betweene the two Lady dayes
soe if you distill the water, you may make the syrop at any
time of the winter.
Take a good quantity of Centory, Cut it very small, stalkes seeds
and all, keepe this Centory tenn dayes in the distilled water
and then boile it very well in a cleane skillet, then take it
of and straine it through a cleane cloath into an other
cleane skillet, then put in . 2 . or 3 . fennel mores and soe of
parseley mores and smallage mores, boile the mores and cast
away the pith of them then put into the same liquor a quart
of the purest English honey, one pound of the whitest sugar
Candy, and a pound of the best loafe suger, bile it gentle ouer
a sofft fire, skimming it as you see occasion and when it is
allmost come to a syrop, make a quick fire under it and
boill it vp to a syrop and put it vp in glasses, and
when you haue occasion to use it, take euery morning
a spoonefull in what stilled water you thinke fittest
for . 5 . mornings together, fasting one houre after, if
you can get no water of Centory, which is the purer
way, then take faire runing water, and steepe a
greater quantity of centory in the same quantity
of water . 10 . or 14 dayes, and when you haue halfe
boiled it take out your centory and bouilebruseit very
well, and put it into the liquor againe, that all the
Iuice of the Centory may boile out of it soe make
your syrop as aboue written.

{28}To make the syrop of Elicumpane
which is good for all the Inward
parts of the body, and against
extreame colds and to breake the
fleagmes for the stopping of
the stomake and against the

Take a handfull of Celerach, one of hore hound soe of
maidenhaire soe of liuerworth, Coltsfoot half a handfull
a good handfull of pimpernell, 2. or .3. spriggs of wormwood
soe of hearbegrace half a handfull of marierom, soe of
time, Isop comomill flowers, burrage leaues and flowers
rosemary topps and flowers one handfull, soe of betony
one or two fennell roots, soe of perseley rootes, but cast

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