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away the pith of them, and slice the rootes, take Elicampane
rootes, thinly sliced, a little handfull of aniseeds bruised
2 ounces, and 2 . ounces of licorish thinly sliced, 3 or 4 races
of giners, allmost a pound of raisins of the sunne halfe
a pound of figgs, soe of dates, slice them thinne, steepe
all these in . 3 quarts or a gallon of the strongest and
sweetest worte, stirre them all^well together, soe stopp the
earthen pot and let it steepe a night or two, then stope
your pot close and paste it round about that noe ayre come
to it nor out of it, and put your pot into the ouen when you
bake, and when you draw the bread leaue your pot in the ouen
all night, that the Iuice of the herbe may be well soaked
into the liquor, then straine it through a cleane cloath
into a cleane skillet then boile it .. sofftly ouer a soft
fire untill it be som what consumed, then put in a quart
of the best and purest honey, and a pound of best and
whitest suger candy, a pound of the best loafe suger, scume
it as you see occasion and gently boile it, till it be allmost
come to a full syrop, then put in as much saffron dried
and finely bruised as much as will lye uppon a threepence
then boile it ^one walme and put it upp in glasses, and use it when
you thinke fitt as you neede, a spoonefull at night and
a nother at morning, when you would haue it to cut
fleagmes, put a spoonefull of vineger to . 3 of this

{29}For the spleene

Take oyle of capers and half as much of oyle of vineger
of squille, melt them together and annoint the vaine of
the spleene warme, and dip clothes therein and crouch
it out gently and lay it to the spleene and continue
it all day. Also take the leaves of tamariske and bruse
not aboue one on two stalkes in ale or beare and
drinke thereof euery morning and euening strained

{30An Excellent powder for the cough
of the lunges & Consumption

Take an ounce of foxe lunges, one ounce of Elicompane
first washed in whit wine, cut in round slices, then
put uppon a threed and dried then beaten to powder
a quantity of licorish and soe of anisseeds, as much
of ginger as of fox lunges and soe of suger candy beate
all these to a fine powder, mingel them together & at night
and at morning, take as much as will lye uppon a six pence
at any time when you feele your selfe troubled

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