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A Medecine for the Stone

Take one handfull of pellitory of the wall one M
of Saxifrage one handfull of parseley one M
of mother of time & 2 or 3 radish roots shred
them verry small, & lay them in A gallon
of milk one night & destill them the next day.

For A Cough

Take 3 pints of running water 4 rasons stoned 6
Figgs 6 dates shred them all 1/2 an M of coltsfoot
as much scabious as much apothecaries Maiden
hair Redwood blossomes pickt & quarter of an
handfull or better A Liquiries Stick Sliced as much
Eleacampane roots as A Walnut Sliced if it be
dry'd less will Seve 1/2 A Spoonfull of Anniseeds.
boil it Softly & cover till half ^ or more be consumed
& Strain it into A Gallipot or pipkin.
& then put one ℥ of browne Sugar candy to it.
drink A quarter of A pint of it warme twice in the
Morneing fasting & 4 A clock in the afternoon
till the whole quantity be spent

If you want of those herbs you may vse penniriall
or Agrimony in the place.

I Dry of these herbs in Summer to vse all winter
and Role them close in papers they will keep
the better

A Cordiall to bring away after birth

Take the Rootts of the blew flower de luce & boil them in Ale
make it strong of the Roots & giue the woman to Drinke
every 6 or 12 hours as you See occasion She must
drink it 2 or 3 times.


To make a Drink for the Biteing of A mad Dog

Take sage leafes and herb of grass of each A good hand=
full, 2 or 3 heads of garlick 4 pennyworth of the
best Treacle you can gitt, A good quantity of time
brayed small boil all these togather in Strong Ale
(if it be for A dog.) but if it be for a man boil
Muskadine in A pipkin close stopt with corse past which
must not boil over the fire but in A kettle of water
for the more strength; and giue it th party 3 or 4 dayes
before every change and full of the Moon for
dayes before every change & full of the Moon for A month
this is good for man or beast.

Let them Drink morneing & Evening A pretty
Quantity of this.

A Broth & Syrrop for A consumption

Take China rootts clean scrapt & Sliced the weight of
an Ounce, and infuse it in hott Embers by A gentle
fire all night in an Earthen vessell close stopt in
6 of 7 pints of water & then boil it untill their be
but A pottle left & with this Liquer make broth of
A cock or pullit the Skin fat taken of, & put theirin
of Scabious folefoot Maiden hare Scurvy grass
Agrimony & harts tongue of each on M of time
and Rosemary, of either A little of Balme 1/2 handfull
one whole mace or 2. the bottome of cheat loafe or
3 Spoonfulls of french Barley & A few whole rasons
& A little Salt.

Take of this Broth twice in the Day A good draught
Take Maiden hare Hartstongue Hysop penniriall
Scabious pimpernall folefoot Agrimony Balme of
either one handfull one Apple John or Pippin
Sliced A parsaley & a fennell root of either one ℥ of
Orage root 1/2 an ℥ of Annaseeds & fennelseeds of either


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